The SMARTest solutions

in water treatment

Water Treatment by Grundfos provides the smartest, high-quality products and services for water treatment. Our development and manufacturing of booster, transfer and dosing pumps, disinfection systems, dosing systems and control technology allows us to be the premier provider of water treatment solutions. And with our vast knowledge of the markets and processes of water treatment, we possess the ability to adapt to customer requirements and tackle nearly any problem with a SMART solution.

  • Disinfection in Düsseldorf

    An Oxiperm Pro disinfection system was the perfect solution for Düsseldorf Airport in order to provide safe drinking water for travelers – on the ground and in the air.

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  • The Smart digital dosing pump

    Designed to be plug and play, Grundfos digital dosing makes installation, priming and calibration easier than ever.

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  • Water treatment in the Food & Beverage industry

    Grundfos' dosing pumps and disinfection systems are ideal for pre-treating the process water used in food and beverage production.

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  • Water challenges

    Find out more about challenges that we face when it comes to water supply and sustainable energy-efficient water treatment.

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